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Origami for Skylark!

As part of the Freedom for Skylark contest (open through the 27th!), I’m posting the excellent entries for the grand prize of a hardcover copy of the book plus some authentic, Skylark-esque themed… Continue reading

Freedom for Skylark

Well, after much delay, and moving, and eating so much bacon my stomach was like, “Wait, I can maybe eat one more–OMGNOWAITYES,” I am finally starting the¬†Freedom for Skylark¬†Contest! Thankfully for all that… Continue reading

Something Strange and Delicious: Garlic-Buttery Biscuits

Here it is folks: the last Something Strange and Delicious recipe. As of this posting, there’s still another 36-ish hours to enter! You can win a hardcover copy of the amazingly creepy and… Continue reading

Something Strange and Delicious: Ginger Tofu Fah and Candied Ginger for Jie

The Something Strange and Delicious dessert I made for Jie is just like Jie herself: smooth, cool, and with a tight kick at the end. Jie is pretty much the muscle behind the… Continue reading

Something Strange and Delicious: Spicy Chocolate Croissants for Eleanor

Today’s Something Strange and Delicious adventure was, well, adventurous. When I asked the fab Sooz several weeks ago what Eleanor’s, the heroine of Something Strange and Deadly, favorite dessert would be, she answered… Continue reading

Something Strange and Delicious: Spirit Catching Beignets for Joseph

Second day of Something Strange and Delicious to celebrate the release of Susan Dennard‘s fantabulous steampunk fantasy, Something Strange and Deadly. Go check it out and love it. Buy the book. Make the… Continue reading

Something Strange and Delicious: Peach Pie for Daniel

So. Guess whose book came out today? Yeah, the great Susan Dennard’s, is whose. Her super delicious steampunk fantasy, with necromancy and debonair awesome, debuts today: Something Strange and Deadly. Buy it. Read… Continue reading

O-tanjoubi Omedetou + Crits for Water + Some Photos I Like

This is going to be a post full of random (but awesome random). First of all, it’s my birthday. (BALLOONS! HAPPINESS! and later, I shall have COCOA WINE sent from my LOVELY PARENTS… Continue reading

Several Awesome Things that Make Me a Happy Camper

In list format, because that’s just how I roll. What? The ever-amazing and wonderful Sooz Dennard revealed the cover for her upcoming release, Something Strange and Deadly. LOOK AT IT IN AWE, MINIONS.… Continue reading

Couple Things

First, read this. (All of it. It’s worth it, I swear to God, and I’m usually a skimmer.) Even if you’re not a gamer. And especially if you’re not a woman. I think… Continue reading