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Wishing you a very Lobster-y Halloween

There will be more Paris posts in the future–in the meantime, Happy Halloween, minions! If you’ve got any fun Halloween costume photos of yourself and/or friends, post the photo, link, or video in… Continue reading

Popcorn Balls and Some Volcano-age

I had a nice full day at work today.  Five classes (of six total periods), and I spent the first period preparing for the three different lessons I taught.  I scarfed lunch so… Continue reading


During most western holidays in Japan, I’m supposed to teach about them an their history and do something “cultural” to make English fun. Thus I started brainstorming for Halloween in September, and nothing… Continue reading

PotW: October 26 to October 31 (Happy Halloween!)

From all my kids here in Japan: Had a Halloween week.  Taught plenty of Halloween lessons (“Wrap the Mummy,” “Halloween Comics” in which one fills in the dialogue of some comics, “Halloween Haikus,”… Continue reading