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My username is NightFeather11. Once I have more time, I’ll figure out how things can work, and make potions! and duel! And maybe I’ll buy the second book again, just so I can… Continue reading

Freaky Friday Blogfest: The Trouble with Muggles

Let this Friday the Thirteenth begin! Blogfest now over! Sorry. But here’s the idea, in case you’re curious. SO: here is my excerpt… (oh gaaaawd embarrassing). I wrote this Harry Potter fanfic, The… Continue reading

Remembering n00b-dom.

I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned it before, but I used to write fanfiction in the Sailormoon and Harry Potter fandoms. (PS: I shipped fire/ice.  Eat it.) (Holy crap, I just noticed that… Continue reading

Thanksgiving Awesomeness!

Well.  Thanksgiving came and went.  And it was friggin’ great. Thanksgiving in a country that is not America or Canada is… an effort.  First of all, being as we’re not on North America,… Continue reading


Although I would be MUCH happier if I could see this movie in a week rather than eight friggin’ months, it looks so effin’ amazing I don’t quite know what to do with… Continue reading