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And the paranoia grows…

As it slowly (but surely) gets warmer here on Iki, the bugs are beginning to get braver.  Either that or they’ve just quit hibernating beneath my floors.  Killed a cockroach last night.  No… Continue reading

When it rains, it pours.

Though it’s not really that much, it feels like life has gotten really crazy all of a sudden. Woke up to life on Tuesday freezing.  It’s like being thrust back into the Spokompton… Continue reading

Stacatto thoughts on Iki

Today I spoke with a Japanese woman who’d lived in China (Tianjin) for a year.  She also spoke English.  So when I didn’t know how to say something in Chinese, I said it… Continue reading

Gimme some sugar

I’ve been keeping myself busy.  You’d be surprised how much time you can waste away by simply doing errands.  I started “gardening,” and by that I mean de-weeding my front lawn.  It’s a… Continue reading

1212-1 Tanaka-fure

  Pictures of my home for anyone bored enough to be interested.  I’m impressed by it actually–it’s fairly large (especially for one person), and as long as I keep it clean, bugs aren’t… Continue reading

Jellyfish-ing it.

(Written on August 05) Got stung by a jellyfish today!  Just a baby one, it was hanging out at this beautiful Caribbean-esque style beach (pictures to come) along with several thousand of its… Continue reading

Living in a Wonder Land

(Written on August 01) I am officially on Iki.  Possibly the most beautiful place in existence though, being as I haven’t been to many places, I’m not as good with comparison.  However, here… Continue reading