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PB&J Together at Last

So this happened: My amazing friend and critique partner, Jess Silva, came to visit me in Arizona! Two awesome days of giggles, baking (the most delicious snickerdoodles of all time, peanut butter and… Continue reading

I like doors.

Hope y’all are having a good weekend. Mine’s going pretty rocktastically. Many thanks to my personality doppelganger Nikki for taking the photo.

A Wingdinger of a Hat Trick

I don’t think I’ve seen enough fangirling about Legend of Korra on the blogosphere. Folks, can y’all just squee with me about how awesome this show is? An imperfect MC The best announcer… Continue reading

A Day in the Life (or: Why I haven’t been blogging)

[Scene: AUTHOR is huddled under a pile of blankets. The sun shines through her single-paned glass windows. When she breathes, the heat of her breath condenses into clouds. Yes, inside.] iPhone (Warning Alarm):… Continue reading


Test has been taken. Have no idea how it went (neither towards positive nor negative). And I’m now taking a break from anything work-related. Which means no writing (!!!) and no studying (!!!)… Continue reading

More Random Thoughts of an Exhausted Writer

Why does garlic taste so good but smell so bad? I don’t care that the Daily Show made fun of it, the post office ads are kinda right: hand-written letters are pretty much… Continue reading

Being Wholesome in Sin City

I’m about nine hours before I start my epic journey back to Japan. Cross your fingers that I don’t miss a flight due to my own negligence again . It’ll be good to… Continue reading

On the Delight of Family and Ovens

I’ve been back in America for about two weeks now. Less than one week before I return to Japan. This is hard for me to believe. The time has flown by…but that’s probably… Continue reading

2012 Resolutions: If you don’t make ’em, you can’t break ’em.

Last year, I made a huge, GINORMOUS list of resolutions. And despite failing on a number of them, it worked out pretty well. (Highlights? I got an agent, raised nearly $7000 for charity:… Continue reading

Things You Don’t Appreciate About the USA until You Live in Japan

Or maybe I’m just going through culture shock. But my mom sure was amused as we walked through Costco. Pint-sized glasses of water (rather than half-cups) Huge roads (without gaijin traps) Casual clothes… Continue reading