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The Big Update

Since I didn’t have the internet for so long, I’d been typing the blog entries as I went.  I’ve now added all of them, and so here are the links to read them… Continue reading

PotW: July 20 – July 26

Nothing very special done with this image.  I took it before I left for Japan knowing that I would miss Care Bear, and every time I look at it I get a wave… Continue reading

A mini adieu

Things I’m loving right now: Avatar: the story of a kid who can bend air, without hair.  Really, one of the greatest cartoons I’ve seen come out of the US in the last… Continue reading

Things I Will Miss

As a reminder for how damn great America is, and for personal sobbing when, like the two times it happened in China, I’m feeling homesick and sorry for myself.  Also, brief luvvies for… Continue reading