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Glimpsage: Being a Teacher

…means being exposed to nasty-ass germs, whether you’re in Japan, China, or the good old US of A. Not quite sure where I got this cold (could have been from my students or… Continue reading

One of *those* days

Another video heavy one. What can I say? YouTube mirrors my soul. Or something? Also, I find .gifs a little distracting when I see them on other blogs (though often amusing and to… Continue reading


Today, I made one of my students cry. Discipline in Japan is very different from America.  Though corporeal punishment is definitely not the norm, I’ve heard of plenty of second hand stories about… Continue reading

5-7-5 Manga or Photo Giveaway

Last week and this week are my last classes with my third year students. (The equivalent to ninth graders in America.) At my smaller schools, I have a “scavenger hunt” game, wherein I… Continue reading

When Studying Goes Macabre

You will probably need Japanese characters installed on your computer to view this blog correctly. After I travel somewhere (especially abroad), my teachers ask me to talk about it to my class of… Continue reading

Resolved: I will have a fracking good 2011

Last year I made three concrete resolutions. Finish another book.  (DONE: Singular.) Take a photo every day.  (DONE: 365 Project) Study Japanese and Chinese.  (Epic Fail.  Within about two weeks.) Two for three!… Continue reading

Spring Term

I’m about to finish winter vacation–going back to school tomorrow–and I feel like I’m a failure.  I barely left my house the last two weeks!  And half the reason I did at all… Continue reading

Popcorn Balls and Some Volcano-age

I had a nice full day at work today.  Five classes (of six total periods), and I spent the first period preparing for the three different lessons I taught.  I scarfed lunch so… Continue reading


During most western holidays in Japan, I’m supposed to teach about them an their history and do something “cultural” to make English fun. Thus I started brainstorming for Halloween in September, and nothing… Continue reading

Crazy Times

Usually my time spent on Iki is pretty empty.  Not that much to do on an island where everything closes at 9pm (that’s also when the street lights shut off).  I do a… Continue reading