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Finding the Right Jive

I write so-called “speculative fiction,” which means the “what-if” questions.  What if we never discovered penicillin?  What if aliens landed on the beaches of Normandy, too?  What if Channing Tatum appeared in my… Continue reading

What I do when I’m not writing

Even though I should be cleaning my house/packing/running errands before I leave for Paris and London, I find myself whiling away the hours in a variety of silly ways. I thought I would… Continue reading

Spring Term

I’m about to finish winter vacation–going back to school tomorrow–and I feel like I’m a failure.  I barely left my house the last two weeks!  And half the reason I did at all… Continue reading

Can’t Hear You…

…over the sound of all the delicious cookies I made today. The current list (should be updated tomorrow, when I make some more… of course, this depends on how much Mass Effect I… Continue reading