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The Japan Obama-rama

There’s a strange quirk of nature occurring in Japan right now that I find alternatively hilarious, interesting, and frightening.  It is the country’s obsession with Barack Obama for one sole reason (I believe):… Continue reading

Some Post-Inaugural Goodness

Democrat, Republican, Socialist, Communist, Awesomeist.. whateva, this is HI-larious: Nearly pissed my pants.  Genius, and excellent lyrics.  Also enjoyed the dancing–the dude looks a great deal like Obama.  Nothing new to report–still don’t… Continue reading

Computer Down!

Well, you may have wondered what kept me from updating the past two weeks… or maybe not.  But in any case, I no longer have a working computer at home.  (In fact, I’m… Continue reading

“Welcome to Obama!”: Days One and Two of Kat’s (Not Quite) Epic Christmas/New Year 2008 (and technically 2009) Trip (of wonderfulness)

It didn’t take me too long to plan my trip over winter vacation.  I couldn’t go anywhere too far away because I hadn’t saved the money nor bought the plane ticket, so I… Continue reading

To keep you entertained…

…for at least a few minutes, I gift to you several of the good times that were had whilst I travelled throughout Shimabara, Kumamoto, and Fukuoka. (Mostly because I have taken OH SO… Continue reading

When it rains, it pours.

Though it’s not really that much, it feels like life has gotten really crazy all of a sudden. Woke up to life on Tuesday freezing.  It’s like being thrust back into the Spokompton… Continue reading

The Perfect Day! :)

1.  ::dances:: Even when Obama was 202 points up, I still told all the teachers around me that McCain could take it.  I didn’t accept it until I read this speech.  McCain, you… Continue reading