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Language as a Cultural Mirror: Holy, Honorable Fatigue

I think one of the reasons I really enjoy studying languages (to date: French, Chinese, and Japanese, with a bit of Spanish thrown in for good measure) is that language represents something beyond… Continue reading

Huzzah Thursday

I’m taking a page out of Chloe’s book and writing about all the things I’m enjoying about life right now.  Because sometimes I think, as we slog through the monotony of every day,… Continue reading

Yes, I’m one of *those* people.

So this morning I had my flight from Fukuoka to Hong Kong.  It left at 10:30.  Except the 21st is Pay Day, and I Needed That Money Bad.  Some of you may not… Continue reading

And… Arizona’s turning Japanese; I think it’s turning Japanese; I really think so (do do do do do do…)

So, as a resident Arizonan, I’ve of course been very interested in the debate raging across the country regarding Arizona’s shiny new illegal immigrant policy, due to go into effect in several months.… Continue reading

All right, so…

I’m sitting in a youth hostel in Fukuoka (Khaosan, and yes, I would recommend it even though it’s a little bit grungy).  My flight for Narita leaves in T – 3 hours, and… Continue reading

11 Days!

Going to America for the first time since I got in Japan about 18 months ago.  Ridiculously excited.  However, this has put me into a thoughtful mood about my life here in Japan… Continue reading

Tokyo Time: Shrine for the War Dead and A Lot of Wandering Around

Monday (August 24th) rolled around and I dragged myself out of bed to check out more of Tokyo’s famous sights.  I’d initially intended to visit the Studio Ghibli Museum, but turns out there’s… Continue reading

Tokyo Time: Seeing Tomo-chan and Eating Mr. Kurihara’s Gyoza

On Saturday the 22nd, I spent a leisurely morning getting ready to meet Tomoko in Yokohama.  I felt much refreshed after a solid nine hours of sleep (more so than the other three… Continue reading

Things to do in Tokyo

A bit of an overview before I get into it later.  When, I don’t know, as I actually am busy.  We’ll see how long that lasts. So, things to do in Tokyo when… Continue reading

It’s like I’m 16 (er… 17) all over again

So on Monday I’m going to take the test to try and get a Japanese Driver’s License. There are some countries, like the UK and Canada (DAMN YOU!), where citizens can just go… Continue reading