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Paris’ Cathedrals: Stained Glass

So…confession here (hah! it’s a pun!): I’m not particularly religious. I’m a particular lazy breed of “believer” that I occasionally call agnostic if I feel like sounding smart. Mostly I accept science, but… Continue reading

Being Sacrilegious!

Was heading to the Petit Palais for an art exhibit about the photographer Le Grey. When my friends and I exited the metro, we met with a stunning sight. Yes, my friends, it… Continue reading

Autumn at Le Cimetière de Père Lachaise

Paris has been having pretty unseasonably warm weather (and seriously, I am not complaining), so even though it’s early October, the leaves have yet to change colors at a lot of the parks.… Continue reading

Paris’ Museums: Smelling the Roses at Musée Rodin

Oh my gosh, guys. Oh my dear and fuzzy lord. I don’t know if I ever waxed poetic on this blog about Rodin, but I pretty much love everything he ever created. Marble,… Continue reading

Kat-Crits Open for October

Doing a little less than last month as I’m in Paris, and I don’t want you guys waiting too long for your critiques! If you’re curious about what exactly I offer or pricing,… Continue reading

I like doors.

Hope y’all are having a good weekend. Mine’s going pretty rocktastically. Many thanks to my personality doppelganger Nikki for taking the photo.

Paris’ Street Art: Fred le Chevalier

Well, I’m on my third day in Paris, and it’s pretty much as brilliant as I expected. (Also, no, I haven’t died. Huzzah!) Yesterday, my personality doppleganger Nikki and I wandered around two… Continue reading

Always a Good Idea

Paris is always a good idea. -Sabrina, 1954 Well, I’ve mostly finished packing for Paris. So I guess I should mention to you guys that, uh, I’m going to Paris. You may have… Continue reading

When Studying Goes Macabre

You will probably need Japanese characters installed on your computer to view this blog correctly. After I travel somewhere (especially abroad), my teachers ask me to talk about it to my class of… Continue reading

Foux de Fafa – an Ode to Paris

There is an indefinable quality to Paris that quickly gets under your skin and sits there, beaming warm, rosy thoughts.  It continues despite the creepy dudes who try to scam you at big… Continue reading