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Japan-ified ID4

Before I start the Crits for Water recap, I thought I’d take a little break. Because today is the USA’s 235th birthday! (Even in Japan!) And I’m kinda patriotic. ūüėČ So, turns out… Continue reading

Black and white to emphasize texture

This last weekend, the TANK and I performed two Japanese fan dancing routines, one of which I was incredibly nervous about. The dances went okay, in case you were wondering. ¬†Not perfect, but… Continue reading

Capturing Action: Nagasaki Memories

I’ve done a lot of talk about using the shutter to blur out people or calm ocean water in earlier Photo Mondays. ¬†However, most people use the shutter for more pedestrian purposes–i.e., stopping… Continue reading

Yunamoto: A Study in Exposure

We got paid last Friday, which means that for the next week (until I spend too much), I am rolling in the money! ¬†Woooooo! ¬†Thus, I decided to use my money wisely and… Continue reading

A Study in Exposure: Versailles

WARNING: Intense Photography Jargon Ahead Whilst traveling through Paris and London, I noticed that most photographers prefer pictures of landscapes and landmarks without people in them. ¬†Generally, this is understandable. ¬†Large crowds, unless… Continue reading