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Resolution Round-Up: June

Well. Crits for Water has finished. And I am…I don’t quite know how to wrap my words around the feelings pouring out of my head and heart. Hopefully I’ll come up with something… Continue reading

Resolution Round-Up: May

May was a crazy busy month. Not only did Crits for Water pick up (like MAD. You guys are so great!), but I started exercising more often, visited Fukuoka twice, and work really… Continue reading

Resolution Round-Up: April

This has been one of the craziest months of my life. I’ve been super-awesome busy, somehow managed to achieve one of my life goals (yeah, seriously), and eaten nearly my weight in nutella.… Continue reading

Resolution Round-Up: March

Today is my birthday. IT’S MY BIRTHDAY. I am 24. Today is also the start of Crits for Water. (This is not a coincidence.) CRITS FOR WATER IS AWESOME. $5000 here we come,… Continue reading

Resolution Round-Up: February

Holy bejesus, how the hey is it the last day of February already? This is my face –> 0_0 Or also this–> @_@ (Those are spirally dizzy eyes, not I am a geek… Continue reading

Resolution Round-Up: January

Yesterday I was very involved in reading a book (coughUnveiledcoughitsamazingcough), so I couldn’t find the time for a blog post.  Hence this unusual Friday post!  (Yes, it’s Friday in Japan.) SO!  I find… Continue reading