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“Huffing my way to the top”: Day Five of Kat’s (not quite) Epic Christmas/New Years 2008 (and technically 2009) Trip (of wonderfulness)

After a long hiatus while my former computer made the slow descent into death, I have bought myself something wonderful and shiny (read: 24″ iMac) and can now edit photos.  Which means you… Continue reading

“Welcome to Obama!”: Days One and Two of Kat’s (Not Quite) Epic Christmas/New Year 2008 (and technically 2009) Trip (of wonderfulness)

It didn’t take me too long to plan my trip over winter vacation.  I couldn’t go anywhere too far away because I hadn’t saved the money nor bought the plane ticket, so I… Continue reading

To keep you entertained…

…for at least a few minutes, I gift to you several of the good times that were had whilst I travelled throughout Shimabara, Kumamoto, and Fukuoka. (Mostly because I have taken OH SO… Continue reading

I love to laugh

Had a variety of songs stuck in my head over this last weekend, when I visited several friends in Shimabara.  The main one, however, was “We Love to Laugh,” from Mary Poppins.  A… Continue reading