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Mountains + Buddhist Temples = Awesome

So. Took me awhile. But, HEY: here comes my second picture-heavy post about my adventure through Korea with the Tank! (Here’s the first.) So, here’s a secret: I like hiking. This is secretive… Continue reading

Korean Adventure: Busan and Beomeosa

HEY HEY HEY. Guess what. Today I edited pictures. So that I can share them WITH YOU. (I know, you’re so excited.) So. My trip to Korea started on August 8th. I left… Continue reading

Driving stick: A not-so-cautionary tale

First of all: I’m back from Korea! WOO. Yes, it was awesome. And yes, eventually I will get my butt in gear and write a few blogs about the experience and it’s awesome.… Continue reading

The Power of Everyday

I had big plans today about more Long Exposure technique.  I wanted to either try a time lapse of the stars or a better star trails photo, this time with polaris as a focal… Continue reading


I have returned from my jaunt through South Korea!  Wahoo!  I’m alive!  I’m connected to the internet!  I’m back on Iki!  My house smells like mold! Well, that last one isn’t very exciting.… Continue reading