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Thank Goodness.

Six weeks of focusing on writing and critting, going to the beach, baking lots of cupcakes, and laughing with my students rather than teasing them in English. (Oh, I may do that latter… Continue reading

General Life and Crits for Water Things

If you don’t care about my life, scroll about halfway down the post for IMPORTANT CRITS FOR WATER GOODNESS. With all the Crits for Water Awesome, it’s been awhile since I’ve had a… Continue reading

All in a Day’s Work

A brief break from the Crits for Water madness. If you’re curious about that, you can check out the FAQ page, my reasons for holding the fundraiser, the schedule of events, or the… Continue reading

Some Huzzah-y Things from the last week

Though I have yet to play Dragon Age 2 today (how is this possible?! GASP), there have been a number of things making me verra happy recently. Idea stolen shamelessly from oh!Chloe. Also,… Continue reading

Resolution Round-Up: February

Holy bejesus, how the hey is it the last day of February already? This is my face –> 0_0 Or also this–> @_@ (Those are spirally dizzy eyes, not I am a geek… Continue reading

Hot and Thick: It’s not just romance novels anymore

Today I made a worksheet for my classes.  The students had to fill in the “thicker” blank lines and leave the thinner ones, which I would dictate later.  Whilst handing out the worksheets,… Continue reading

When Studying Goes Macabre

You will probably need Japanese characters installed on your computer to view this blog correctly. After I travel somewhere (especially abroad), my teachers ask me to talk about it to my class of… Continue reading

Frozen to the Marrow

You will probably need to have Japanese characters installed on your computer to view this blog entry correctly. As most of my friends and family know, Japan in the winter (exempting Hokkaido) is… Continue reading

Popcorn Balls and Some Volcano-age

I had a nice full day at work today.  Five classes (of six total periods), and I spent the first period preparing for the three different lessons I taught.  I scarfed lunch so… Continue reading

What I’m getting up to

As I told my parents over skype the other day, Aperture and I have created what I refer to as a “detente”.  It chooses to still not allow me to view my pictures… Continue reading