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A bit of a break from the Crits for Water Awesome for a different sort of awesome. Remember that Jessica Lei’s random drawing is still happening (until April 10, 9am EST) and the… Continue reading

I solemnly offer you my regards.

Today I thought I’d talk about another Japanese phrase that doesn’t exist in English, like お疲れ様です (You are honorably tired).  Unlike o-tsukare, this one is known by most students of Japanese: (どうぞ)よろしく(お願い)(します) (douzo)… Continue reading

The Way of Writing

So, I am a writer.  Storytelling is an art.  (A hard one.)  But, unless I’m doing a very particular style of poetry, my words don’t generally look, yanno, artistic, on a page.  But… Continue reading

Language as a Cultural Mirror: Holy, Honorable Fatigue

I think one of the reasons I really enjoy studying languages (to date: French, Chinese, and Japanese, with a bit of Spanish thrown in for good measure) is that language represents something beyond… Continue reading

Hot and Thick: It’s not just romance novels anymore

Today I made a worksheet for my classes.  The students had to fill in the “thicker” blank lines and leave the thinner ones, which I would dictate later.  Whilst handing out the worksheets,… Continue reading

Yeah, I’m def totes down with that, yo.

Partially because I want to seem like the “Cool Teacher” and also just because I think it’s fun, I often chat-it-up with my students or ask them how to say things.  The trouble… Continue reading

When Studying Goes Macabre

You will probably need Japanese characters installed on your computer to view this blog correctly. After I travel somewhere (especially abroad), my teachers ask me to talk about it to my class of… Continue reading

Frozen to the Marrow

You will probably need to have Japanese characters installed on your computer to view this blog entry correctly. As most of my friends and family know, Japan in the winter (exempting Hokkaido) is… Continue reading