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What Taiko Should Look Like

If you remember awhile back, I showed you the video of the Gaijin Taiko Troupe performing for our Iki audience.  Well, this last weekend, Iki had another festival (yay!) the day after a… Continue reading

Rhythmically Challenged

So over this last weekend a lot of things happened.  First, on Saturday, Yuka and I went a-rice-planting.  This is when you get down and dirty in a big vat of mud and… Continue reading


I’ve had a good first two weeks back at school.  Granted, last week the only classes I really taught were at Elementary school, but I’ve gone to two ensoku (picnics) so far–one to… Continue reading

The Iki Rainbow

I’ve been a hermit in my house the last couple of days.  I’m attempting to save money (and by that I mean not spend it), which means I can’t go buy groceries or… Continue reading

Fun things you never realize about the cold until you live in Japan

The temperature has been vacillating between freezing and ten degrees celcius for the last couple of days, with the nights and mornings particularly chilly.  On Tuesday I actually had a pretty healthy coating… Continue reading

Updating you on my silly life

Before I begin, please note that the two entries below this one are the promised entries on Ekiden and Sports Day.  View for fun culture notes, pictures, and occasional sarcastic bits.  I try… Continue reading