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A Belated Valentine’s

So, slowly but surely this is maybe becoming a blog focused on the Nephew. But he’s adorable enough, it works. Hope y’all had a wonderful Pan-Universal Be Who You Are day! I’m off… Continue reading

Japanese Gardens in the middle of a Desert

Also gratuitous photos of the nephew. So, apparently there’s some Japanese gardens near where I live? It’s a pretty nice place. We’ve had an interesting time of it over here at Chez Brauer… Continue reading

Happy Holidays!

From the cutest dang nephew there ever was: Hope you have a great one, minions! See you in the New Year.

Wishing you a very Lobster-y Halloween

There will be more Paris posts in the future–in the meantime, Happy Halloween, minions! If you’ve got any fun Halloween costume photos of yourself and/or friends, post the photo, link, or video in… Continue reading