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O-tanjoubi Omedetou + Crits for Water + Some Photos I Like

This is going to be a post full of random (but awesome random). First of all, it’s my birthday. (BALLOONS! HAPPINESS! and later, I shall have COCOA WINE sent from my LOVELY PARENTS… Continue reading

Tokyo Time: Tsukiji and Spontenaity

Tuesday, August 25th, rolled around bright and early.  And by early, I mean early, as I woke up at five (okay… five thirty) in the morning so-as to catch the action at the… Continue reading

Tokyo Time: Shrine for the War Dead and A Lot of Wandering Around

Monday (August 24th) rolled around and I dragged myself out of bed to check out more of Tokyo’s famous sights.  I’d initially intended to visit the Studio Ghibli Museum, but turns out there’s… Continue reading

Tokyo Time: Japanese Greasers and Chance Meetings

After I left Tomoko’s on Sunday, August 23rd, I decided to search for Harajuku.  Harajuku is most famous for its eclectic fashionistas wandering the area: people like Lolita Goths, cosplayers, and my favorite–greasers.… Continue reading

Tokyo Time: Seeing Tomo-chan and Eating Mr. Kurihara’s Gyoza

On Saturday the 22nd, I spent a leisurely morning getting ready to meet Tomoko in Yokohama.  I felt much refreshed after a solid nine hours of sleep (more so than the other three… Continue reading

Tokyo Time: Sleeping in Parks isn’t as Bad as You’d Think

The unfortunate thing about living on an island is that there are only two ways off: ferry and airplane.  Since the airplane is expensive (and only goes to Nagasaki City), I usually take… Continue reading

I’m such a tease.

Too lazy to write a whole blog right now.  Also don’t really have the time–only an hour before I go to a flamenco lesson.  I’ve been editing Sapphire Stars all day.  I think… Continue reading

Things to do in Tokyo

A bit of an overview before I get into it later.  When, I don’t know, as I actually am busy.  We’ll see how long that lasts. So, things to do in Tokyo when… Continue reading