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O-tanjoubi Omedetou + Crits for Water + Some Photos I Like

This is going to be a post full of random (but awesome random). First of all, it’s my birthday. (BALLOONS! HAPPINESS! and later, I shall have COCOA WINE sent from my LOVELY PARENTS… Continue reading

Love Letter to Japan

Stumbling out of a train station in the wee early hours, you stare outside and it’s pouring rain. Buckets. Cats and dogs. The works. You slump and begin to lean against the wall… Continue reading

Yakyuuuuuu! (Or Japanese Baseball)

Another Crits for Water break. But don’t forget about the Freaky Friday Blogfest, running until the end of Sunday. Or something. BAHAHAHA go prod my Harry Potter fanfic luuuurve! Moving along. On the… Continue reading

Arita Pottery Festival

Break from all the Crits for Water goodness! You can still bid for a 10k critique by Vahini until 11:59pm, EDT, tonight.  Each $20 will provide one person in a developing nation with… Continue reading

Of Dust and Nagasaki, or Why I Want a New Camera

This last weekend I went to Nagasaki City to see the Lantern Festival, a yearly celebration/parade/light…thing to celebrate Chinese New Years. (Nagasaki, due to its varied history as the longest existing international port… Continue reading

Capturing Action: Nagasaki Memories

I’ve done a lot of talk about using the shutter to blur out people or calm ocean water in earlier Photo Mondays.  However, most people use the shutter for more pedestrian purposes–i.e., stopping… Continue reading

Thanksgiving and a bit more of them Old Trees

Well, it’s been awhile since my last post about Yakushima.  I have a super good excuse, too: I’ve been giving thanks.  And by that I mean: to thank all the people on Iki… Continue reading

A few pictures of really old trees and Why I love Rotary International.

If you put it all together, yesterday and today I spent about nine hours preparing for my speech in front of the Iki Central Rotary Club.  The speech (3 pages) took four hours… Continue reading

Triumphant Return!

Back on Iki after: 2 days in Kagoshima City 2 1/2 days on Yakushima Island 3 1/2 days in Nagasaki City. Great vacation, but super glad to be back.  Iki, I missed you!… Continue reading

Tokyo Time: Tsukiji and Spontenaity

Tuesday, August 25th, rolled around bright and early.  And by early, I mean early, as I woke up at five (okay… five thirty) in the morning so-as to catch the action at the… Continue reading