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PB&J Together at Last

So this happened: My amazing friend and critique partner, Jess Silva, came to visit me in Arizona! Two awesome days of giggles, baking (the most delicious snickerdoodles of all time, peanut butter and… Continue reading

Quick Notices!

First of all, there really, really, really will be a contest happening soon, involving paper, and birds, and Skylark…now that I’ve gotten over oohing and ahhing over my nephew to set everything up.… Continue reading

Start your Engines. Crits for Water 2012!

So, after Thursday’s slightly tongue-in-cheek account of my life (I know, everyone was reading with baited breath), here’s the Sorta Secret Thing. I bet lots of you guessed it. Yeah, Crits for Water… Continue reading

A Day in the Life (or: Why I haven’t been blogging)

[Scene: AUTHOR is huddled under a pile of blankets. The sun shines through her single-paned glass windows. When she breathes, the heat of her breath condenses into clouds. Yes, inside.] iPhone (Warning Alarm):… Continue reading

Being Wholesome in Sin City

I’m about nine hours before I start my epic journey back to Japan. Cross your fingers that I don’t miss a flight due to my own negligence again . It’ll be good to… Continue reading

2012 Resolutions: If you don’t make ’em, you can’t break ’em.

Last year, I made a huge, GINORMOUS list of resolutions. And despite failing on a number of them, it worked out pretty well. (Highlights? I got an agent, raised nearly $7000 for charity:… Continue reading

KaNoEdMo – Albatross

In case you forgot (you probably have), I didn’t do NaNo this year. Instead, I did KaNoEdMo–Kat’s Novel Editing Month. I took the easy way out because I was crazy, crazy busy. But… Continue reading

Several Awesome Things that Make Me a Happy Camper

In list format, because that’s just how I roll. What? The ever-amazing and wonderful Sooz Dennard revealed the cover for her upcoming release, Something Strange and Deadly. LOOK AT IT IN AWE, MINIONS.… Continue reading

On Being Old, also Finishing Books

Most of the time I don’t feel very old. This last weekend, as I practiced calligraphy with a bunch of lovely older Japanese ladies, one of them commented, “Oh, you are so genki… Continue reading

Excuses, Excuses

I was going to start riding my bike to school, and then I fell down and got crazy scratched up. Someone make sure I start riding my bike once I buy a helmet… Continue reading