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Things I accomplished today and yesterday

As an explanation for why I didn’t blog yesterday, here, in handy list form, because I’ve become so addicted to lists I’ve started speaking in them: Ate four slices of bread with the… Continue reading

Remembering n00b-dom.

I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned it before, but I used to write fanfiction in the Sailormoon and Harry Potter fandoms. (PS: I shipped fire/ice.  Eat it.) (Holy crap, I just noticed that… Continue reading

I don’t know how to spell anymore

So, you know when you’re editing.  And you’re really into it.  And you look forward to editing while you’re at work (or school) and breeze through it when you get home and everything… Continue reading

Finding the Right Jive

I write so-called “speculative fiction,” which means the “what-if” questions.  What if we never discovered penicillin?  What if aliens landed on the beaches of Normandy, too?  What if Channing Tatum appeared in my… Continue reading

Yeah, I’m def totes down with that, yo.

Partially because I want to seem like the “Cool Teacher” and also just because I think it’s fun, I often chat-it-up with my students or ask them how to say things.  The trouble… Continue reading

I can occasionally be productive

Kat’s Super Duper Writing Stats!  HI-YAH! I’ve been feeling super productive about Singular this week (so far, it’s only Thursday!), and some other writerly things, so I thought I would share my success… Continue reading

The Power of Everyday

I had big plans today about more Long Exposure technique.  I wanted to either try a time lapse of the stars or a better star trails photo, this time with polaris as a focal… Continue reading